Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lifestyle Photographer Epping NH - Photography by Jennifer Star

So you just hired a professional photographer, or you have some images you really want to print.
You decide, hum I'll just take them down the street to the local pharmacy.....HOLD IT.
So why did you hire a photographer or have taken those beautiful images?
You took them because they are memories you want to hold onto, memories to look back on.  You maybe framing them, giving them as a gift, or putting them in those photo or scrapbooks.  If so why would you ever print from a pharmacy or local department store?
Printing at these locations is just not a good idea.  If you want to make a craft project is one thing but for memories to keep you really need to go to a professional printer.
You want your prints to be on the best quality product you can find, you want them to look their best, you want them to last forever!
When printing you also not only need to find a good printer but you also need to find out what kind of print do I want?  Do I want glossy, matte, Lustre or even the beautiful Metallic?
On my website I did put all the little details to help you out
Find a good printer, local or online.  I personally use Smugmug, good quality and great prices.
Second you need to decide do I just want the plain old gloss or do I want the more professional printing look of a Lustre Print, a step up from the matte finish, or do I want to go all glam with the metallic?  If you are unsure, here is what you can do, order one of each of one picture.  When you get them you can see and compair which ones you  really like, and hey mix it up.  Some are more expensive than others but there really is not that much of a diffrence.
Hope this helps you out! 
This one was printed on metallic, of course you can see the glimmer and shine, but you can see how it pops off the page.

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