Friday, October 17, 2014

Raymond NH Photographer - Enjoying Nature - Photography by Jennifer Star

While not taking clients session photo's I enjoy spending time in nature taking beautiful images that nature provides us.
Most don't take time to see what little things are around us everyday.
Little critters, mushrooms, the sun, the gift God has given us.
On my time off I love to take a walk around our local forest to take beautiful images. 
No matter the weather something new is dying to be found.
Here I have in my own yard a lovely bush, not sure what it is, but has beautiful purple berries in the winter.
When everything dies, these berries will around to feed those that are hungry.
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Why Photographers Charge So Much - Epping NH Photography by Jennifer Star

Why do photographers charge so much? 
There are reasons why they have session fees and charges for their products.
Here is the breakdown. 
1. Equipment:  They have camera(s), lenses, filters, bags, props, etc.  Just think a good SLR camera cost over $1000, lenses and filters can run over $1000, then you have flashes, tripod, remotes.  If the camera breaks another $300 plus to fix them.
2.  The Props, you may have props in your photo session, furniture, backdrop, toys, materials, newborn/baby props.  These don't come cheap and add up quickly.
3.  The Website, a good photographer will get a website and they don't come free, some start at $200 and up a year.  Then there is the advertising so they could be found by you, making their sites on the top of the list on Google and other search engines.
And just think of all the time that is needed to create a website, this can take over 8 hours, then the blogs, the social media, then the url added on engines.  That's a lot of time.
4.  Time your photographer will spend, here is a breakdown:
Example one hour session local, about $150
* Talking with you with inquiries of the sessions, in person, phone calls and emails. 15-30+ minutes
* Traveling to and from locations 15-30 minutes each way
* The session 60 minutes
* Uploading images onto the computer 30 - 60 minutes
* Reviewing images about 1-1 1/2
* Touch up on images 1-3 hours
* Re-saving images 1 hour
* Uploading images 30-1 hour
* Creating a private online folder 15 - 30 minutes
* Any follow up conversations 15 - 30 minutes
This totals lowest time 6.5 hours which comes to only $23 an hour or
the most time 11 hours which comes to only $14.50 an hour
This doesn't include the talent of the photographer.  And some sessions require more work, such as weddings and parties.
So what do you think of the pricing now?  The $150 session is not looking so bad now.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lifestyle Photographer Epping NH - Photography by Jennifer Star

So you just hired a professional photographer, or you have some images you really want to print.
You decide, hum I'll just take them down the street to the local pharmacy.....HOLD IT.
So why did you hire a photographer or have taken those beautiful images?
You took them because they are memories you want to hold onto, memories to look back on.  You maybe framing them, giving them as a gift, or putting them in those photo or scrapbooks.  If so why would you ever print from a pharmacy or local department store?
Printing at these locations is just not a good idea.  If you want to make a craft project is one thing but for memories to keep you really need to go to a professional printer.
You want your prints to be on the best quality product you can find, you want them to look their best, you want them to last forever!
When printing you also not only need to find a good printer but you also need to find out what kind of print do I want?  Do I want glossy, matte, Lustre or even the beautiful Metallic?
On my website I did put all the little details to help you out
Find a good printer, local or online.  I personally use Smugmug, good quality and great prices.
Second you need to decide do I just want the plain old gloss or do I want the more professional printing look of a Lustre Print, a step up from the matte finish, or do I want to go all glam with the metallic?  If you are unsure, here is what you can do, order one of each of one picture.  When you get them you can see and compair which ones you  really like, and hey mix it up.  Some are more expensive than others but there really is not that much of a diffrence.
Hope this helps you out! 
This one was printed on metallic, of course you can see the glimmer and shine, but you can see how it pops off the page.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Photography by Jennifer Star - Lifestyle Photographer

Getting ready for winter.
Since we had a lovely long weekend, our boys, I mean my husband and my son were busy stacking wood for the long winter ahead.  Our oldest did help out earlier as he is very helpful too.
I hope New England will be kind to us this winter.  Hope we have enough to get us through.  Cord wood is not easy to come by anymore.

Photography by Jennifer Star

Monday, October 13, 2014

LifeStyle Photographer Epping NH - Photography by Jennifer Star

Lifestyle photography is a style of portrait/people photography which aims to capture
and document real-life events, situations, or milestones in an
artistic manner and the art of the everyday. 
Spending time with your family and or children capturing everyday activities.
My favorite images to take are Lifestyle images.
Be yourself and have fun, these are memories you want to remember and always the best images for me to take.
This lovely couple were just having a fun time playing as they just finished with the ceremony.
They were just having a wonderful time, I enjoyed taking their photo's.  These are memories that won't be forgotten.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Volunteer Photographer - New Hampshire - Photography by Jennifer Star

Sometimes a little help, a little care is needed. 
I offer at times volunteer work for those who may need a little something special.  If you have a little one sick and need special photo's to remember moments that soon maybe lost, a fundraiser to help with a family.  Let me know, I might be able to help with a photo-shoot that is local to Epping area.
As much as I like to help everyone, I can only help with so many.  I will try to help when I can.
Golf Tournament to support family members of a lost father/husband.
Photography by Jennifer Star


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Baby Photographer - Epping NH - Photography by Jennifer Star

One of my favorites are taking photo's of babies.  They just are the sweetest things.  Babies are wonderful to take photo's of because they are just so casual and they are just being themselves.
When getting your photo's done I like my clients to act natural, and be who you really are and just have fun.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Southern NH - Epping Family Photographer - Photography by Jennifer Star

Yesterday I met Carrie a childcare provider for Southern NH. 
I had the pleasure of taking photo's of her family and her children at her center.
What a kind family and all the kids were amazing, I had so much fun taking all their photo's.
It was a beautiful day to get those special moments in.
Thank you for letting me share the day with you.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Epping, NH Family Photographer - Photography by Jennifer Star

I am looking back on my old family photo's and found these wonderful images I took of my children a few years back.  Looking at them I am wishing warm weather was getting closer than further away.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Story - Photography by Jennifer Star

My Story
I was born on Easter Day in the 1970's, a blessed day.
On that Easter it was snowing in New England.
Life was good, our family grew and I had a new little brother 11 months later, we would be Irish twins and he would be my very best friend.
At the age of 5 I received my First Holy Communion at St. Joseph's Church Massachusetts.
I still remember the day as if it was yesterday, I wore the most perfect dress, that I still have framed, and all my family was there.  Before the start of the sacrament we all had breakfast, breakfast with all my best friends from school.  And I walked down with my best friend Brian.

Growing up I fell in love with art and started studying commercial arts at a Technical high school, then Advertising Art and Design in College.  I often found playing with different works of art media, and soon I took up photography.
I picked up my first SLR in my early twenties and started learning how to take photographs.
I had so much fun, and went through a lot of film.
My dream was to be an artist. 
 I lost my best friend in the world, I lost my little brother at the age of 29 to cancer.
It was the most hardest thing I ever had to go through. A part of me died that day, and still to this day a piece of me is missing. He was my other half.
A year later I met my now husband Richard.  We quickly fell in love, and we wanted a family but not raise them in the city.  We left our homes in Massachusetts in order to give our family the best life we can give them.  We bought our first home in New Hampshire.
In 2004 we married.

Our Beautiful Children 
  We picked the perfect town to raise our children, made wonderful friends and got involved with the Scouts of Epping and became members of our beautiful church St. Joseph's Parish in Epping, NH.
My husband became Catholic and we renewed our vows with our Father, Father Von.  My little Christopher received his First Communion the same year, as well as my husband who became Catholic at the Easter Vigil.

As my new wonderful life began so did my art.  I never stopped creating, but with my family and the joys life brought me I was able to realize I love my art, instead of hiding them in a drawer or just taking photo's of my family, why not share it with everyone?
our family taken 2006 by me
I started selling my Homemade Gifts online with Etsy and Craft Fairs and started my Photography Sessions to the public.
I didn't want to get rich off my art, but I want to share what I create.  I am always creating and I can't keep it for my self.  So I sell my crafts at a low cost and offer photography sessions at a reasonable rate. 
My Children: 
I want my children know how much I love them, I will hug and kiss them and tell them how much I love them everyday.  I want them to never have to experience anything but love and happiness.

This is my little one enjoy time with family and friends on a hike in NH. 

Epping, NH Baby Photographer - Photography by Jennifer Star

One of my favorite images to take are babies. 
They are so soft, cute, beautiful and just so sweet.
These are moments we don't want to forget, and we should capture before they are gone. 
I often go back on my own babies photo's scapbooks and sit back to look at my little darlings. I miss holding them and have them cuddle with you, when they are 17 they are not likely to cuddle up.  These are moments you don't want to forget. 

                                                      PAGES FROM MY SON'S BOOK - 2005
The Baby Book

In the hospital bed, the day of I had my camera in hand and took my son's 1st photograph.
Dad's thumb and my son's foot.

So Sweet

               Chris loved eating his Cheerios....had
               to capture the moment.

My son's 1st Birthday

First Fall, he loved the pumpkins.

Epping, NH Photographer - Jennifer Star - Indian TeePee

Finding photography props are not easy to come by, I wanted a teepee so that I could take beautiful images of small children and babies, but all I could find were fabric play tents.  I really wanted something that looked like a real Indian Teepee so I got working in my craft room and started designing my own.  I got this lovely tan/orange full grain leather and cut down three baby maples that had to be cut anyways, then away I went.  Here is my new photo prop I have created.  I can't wait to use it.  Enjoy.

Photography by Jennifer Star, Epping, NH Rockingham County

Saturday, September 27, 2014

New Hamsphire Family Photographer - Photography by Jennifer Star

Today we enjoyed a beautiful fall day.  We took our annual trip to Apple Crest Farm in NH.  It was amazing day to spend the day outdoors and pick our apples for our crockpot apple pie as well as our cider donuts, some treats and of course could not leave without my Chicken Pot Pie.  Here are some of our photo's of the day!  This is a farm that is a must to visit.
Photography by Jennifer Star - Epping, NH