Sunday, October 5, 2014

Epping, NH Baby Photographer - Photography by Jennifer Star

One of my favorite images to take are babies. 
They are so soft, cute, beautiful and just so sweet.
These are moments we don't want to forget, and we should capture before they are gone. 
I often go back on my own babies photo's scapbooks and sit back to look at my little darlings. I miss holding them and have them cuddle with you, when they are 17 they are not likely to cuddle up.  These are moments you don't want to forget. 

                                                      PAGES FROM MY SON'S BOOK - 2005
The Baby Book

In the hospital bed, the day of I had my camera in hand and took my son's 1st photograph.
Dad's thumb and my son's foot.

So Sweet

               Chris loved eating his Cheerios....had
               to capture the moment.

My son's 1st Birthday

First Fall, he loved the pumpkins.

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